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My tickets

Patong beach

The building of the stage

Crazy Bangla Rd

The 'ravin cru'

Tiger Bar

Patong at night

Festival entrance

The floating stage

Reach for the lights

kiss kiss kiss

Glasses anyone?

Superstar DJ

A floating ghost

A flying ninja

DJ's on stage

Make some noise

The fire at night

Sarah and Ollie

Crazy night

Have some

Lights gallore

Having a good time

Koh Phangnan was meant to be my last party session but having been told of a 2 day festival in Phuket, with a floating stage in the sea and the likes of Basement Jaxx, Pendulum, Kanye West, LMFAO and loads of others playing till the early hours of the morning… I couldn’t say no.

I met up with Ollie and his Girlfriend Sarah and headed over there where Matt, Lisa and Will would join us in a couple of days.

We stayed on Patong Beach… what a party sh..t hole. I stayed in a very good hostel right in the centre of Bangla Road, party sh..t hole central lol!

Now don’t get me wrong, if you’re interested in ping pong shows, boom boom, sex, drugs and alcohol… then go here (I enjoyed the alcohol). But otherwise stay out the way. But to be fair, with the people I was with and the festival itself, it was the best New Year I’ve had in a long time. Out of this world! Obviously it all started in the same “Thai Time” fashion… late and unorganised. They didn't send the tickets and I’d already thrown my receipt away so had to debate about getting a replacement ticket without paying.

Eventually it was sorted and we went for a wander round the beach, not much to see but the crazy Bangla Road where prior to heading out we went into the Tiger Bar. This encompasses several bars all under one roof with young Thai girls dancing (or standing humping a pole) on your table. Having had few drinks by this point I notice a bell hanging above me and was just about to ring it for fun before Ollie stopped. The sign reads; “The High Roller Bell. Ring and buy 3000baht (£65) worth of shots for the bar. Close call and a quick exit before I do end up ringing it lol. By this time it was gone 10:00pm and we headed for the beach and straight to the stage.

What a great idea, floating stage in the sea. We got messy indeed! I didn't take my camera out on the second day as I knew I would be super messy but I still got some great pictures anyway on the day before. It was fantastic, by 2am I was in the sea jumping around like a lunatic, and when you’re in the sea you can really jump around.

On New Year’s Eve we met up with Will and Lisa and done it all over again. I unfortunately got food poisoning just before from a chicken pizza and did spend most the evening going from jumping to sea to toilet and back again but I still kept going until 4am. Nothing was going to stop me. I was then in bed for 48 hours in between hugging the toilet I the hostel.

Even with this, this has to be the best New Year’s eve I’ve had in so long, thank you Phuket and thank you my friends.

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