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We only had a short drive today and so Mel let us sleep in and we didn’t leave Caraiva until the 11:30am boat … very relaxed way to start our day. The drive turned out to be only about 3 hours or so and we found ourselves in Porto Seguro by around 3pm’ish … found our campsite – set up tents – took over a small area in the provided kitchen – and found ourselves sitting around chatting over internet and beer before too long. After dinner some of the boys on the truck went into town to find the ‘Night Life’ of Porto Seguro, but we decided to stay at the campsite bar and went to bed by around 11pm.

The next day (Day124) was our first Full Free Day here and most of the group went into town to explore. According to the guide books and gossip, Porto Seguro is the place where the Portuguese first settled here in Brazil in 1503. The ‘Old Town’ is said to be pretty and colourful with cobble stone streets, and I would expect the ‘New Town’ to be more modern … it certainly looked it yesterday where we stopped at the Supermercado and Bank anyway.

So with most of the group in town for the day, Paul & I took advantage of the internet WiFi and caught-up on a few things … like the online Journal, and Photo Cataloguing, and more important to me a few emails with clinic and Karli. We had lunch with Mel & Franco and Jamie at a nice ‘by the kilo’ restaurant at the gates of the campsite – the ‘by the kilo’ style restaurants seem to be very popular here in Brazil, and they are basically just ‘Hot Buffet & Salad Bar’ style places – with loads of variety in the available food – you pile up all you want on your plate, and then it gets weighed and you are charged a flat rate by the kilo … simple.

The next day (Day 125) was our second Full Free Day and despite thinking yesterday that we would hit the town today, both of us woke with very little interest in going to town … are we boring travellers? We did leave the camp site for a short while to try and look after something for clinic back home, but this is South America and it didn’t quite happen for me here … hopefully in Salvador … and then after that we internetted for a bit – had some lunch – had a swim – I took a luxurious 45 minute shower & shave session – and the rest of the time we sat around chilling … cool, eh!

Tomorrow we leave here for Salvador, but it will be a long drive and we expect a bush camp tomorrow night … but then Salvador for 4 nights before turning left and heading inland for a while … our Brazilian Beach Affair is almost over … sad face …

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