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pelicans getting ready for a meeting

quite the house - the little beach house is good enough for...

love this set up!

baby conch in each ridge of this spiral!

underside of a large conch

digesting their lunch

the group on the open water

there'a a little blue heron in this picture

going round the mangrove islands

I just love anhingas!

looking for wildlife

there's an osprey in that nest

Regina catches me doing what I love best!

the other parent is near that nest I just snapped

nice specimen of a female anhinga

pulling up for lunch

What a great place to gather!

6 of the 8 kayaks

Is that aloe bushes?

nope, but could be a relative!

a great white egret

how cool!

me and Mandy the kayak

8 of us went on a beautiful kayak trip on the opposite end of Pine Island from our earlier excursion a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful day with some open water kayaking, and then around islands of mangroves. We ate lunch at a Lee County Park amongst the mangroves where there was a picnic table in the shade! There were plentiful shells in very good condition so we had great fun. I got a lion's claw shell and now want a kitty claw shell which is very tiny. I also learned how conchs start their life!

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