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wow - 3D effect is amazing!

various cat hangings - onion, celery, 3 cats in a pod, etc.

a few other wall hangings

full sized quilt and hangings

Sara walking the aisle

Marie & Pat are DJs at some dances

Cindy & Judy are renters

Sherri & Beth are from NY

Kathy & Debby were postal workers

Sharon and Nancy are homeowners

the winners of t-shirts, coffee mugs, and canvas bags

A few people here are quilters and had this weekend to show and sell their crafts. They quilt by hand, so their work is beyond my budget, but people did buy some of the quilts, jackets, wall-hangings, table-runners, and other unique pieces.

This evening, the workers in the office at Carefree came up with a game show for us to participate in or watch. Last year, they did "A Minute To Win It" that I played. This year they put on the "Not So Newlywed Game" and drew 5 contestant couples out of 14 entries. Sara Yeager was the Emcee and she was fabulous in that role. She surprised everyone by showing up in a wedding dress and tiara, marching up the aisle for her entrance. She also had great jokes and was better than the game itself! The game played out just like the old TV game for newlyweds and it was surprising how much the couples didn't know about each other, like favorite desserts and where and when they first dated!

There is almost always something going on at Carefree!

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