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After we finished at the zoo, we had dinner at Golden Corral in Brownsville. The food was really quite good and very plentiful.

Then we headed across the street from the Gladys Porter Zoo to the Holiday Village that was set up for Christmas at Porter Park. The village display is set up in the main meadow of the park. It is a very pretty setting and the display is set up as a town with everything a town would have including restaurants, a library, a church, stores and even a dentist. Lights adorn the inside and outsides of the buildings. They make changes and additions to the holiday village so that there will be a continued interest in it.

The kiddos seemed to really enjoying peeping in all the windows to see what was happening inside each little building. There was certainly a lot of attention to detail given to each exhibit.

There was also some entertainment going on in the park but we didn't sit down to watch that. We did take the kids over to the playground to let them wear out any existing energy they may have stored up so they would nap on the way home. They had a great time at the playground. Tommy made friends with a little boy and they really got a lot of exercise chasing each other around.

All of us were pretty surprised at how long it took for the kids to get to sleep in the car. They almost outlasted me!

Running from the Monday of Thanksgiving week until January 1, every Friday and Saturday during this time there will be local entertainment – dance groups, choirs and bands.

“We’re trying to get refreshments out here, also,” Sheri Conner, in charge of advertising, said. “Santa is here on Fridays and Saturdays and you can get your picture taken with him for a nominal fee.”

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