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Danica heading into the zoo


Addi and Tommy



He's a big fella!

Grandma and Tommy




Bornean Bearded Hog


Stanley Crane

Harnessed Bushback Antelope - African

White Tiger

Checking out the Tigers

Addi wants his attention


Central American Rattlesnake

Checking out a snake

Gila Monster

An abundance of Giraffes


East African Crowned Crane

Doma Gazelle - African

Danica and Addi in front of the zebras

Now entering the playground

and what a playground it is!

Danica and Addi in front of the zebras

Danica is up to playing also


Here comes Addi

Next comes Danica

Tommy again

Addi again

Danica is up to playing also

Danica and Mom



Red Ruffed Lemur from Madagascar


He looks bored!

Greater Marabou Stork - Africa




He's losing his head

Addit follows suit

Now she's losing her foot

Scarlet Ibis - South America

Grandpa and Grandma

Mongolian Duck

He's got attitude!

They are sitting on a chair with a vibrating foot rest

Spectacled Bear - Andes Mountains

Sun Bear - Southeast Asia

Tommy talking to Daddy

Addi talking to Daddy

Souvenir time

Our little cutie pie!

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Cooling off in the mist

(MP4 - 2.82 MB)

Howling Monkey sounds off

(MP4 - 1.34 MB)

Armadillo on the move

The next stop was the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville. This zoo officially opened on September 3, 1971. It is situated on 31 acres and has about 1600 animals and many endangered species. The zoo is known for its successes in breeding endangered species of wildlife. The zoo is named after Gladys Porter, the daughter of Earl C. Sams, former president of JCPenney.

The zoo is laid out really well and the exhibits are all nice and clean. Many of the animals have a lot of room to roam. There is a canal that runs through the zoo and makes little islands for some of the animals and there are boardwalks so that you can walk around them.

We all had an excellent time checking out all the unique animals that reside at the Gladys Porter Zoo.

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