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We said goodbye to Bryan and took our packed bags on the subway to Carly's school where we got to meet her students and co-workers. There were other expatriates working there as well. The school is in a high-rise building. The gym is one floor down from the classrooms.The school is private and is a business. These children will graduate and then attend a primary school. The children were excited to see us. They kept calling Paul, Santa.They liked his white beard and hair. Lots of other children kept popping into the classroom to say hello. The school feeds the children cereal and milk as a morning snack. They will also be fed lunch before their parents pick them up. After Carly's lessons were done, she helped us get the bus to the airport which was close to her school. The ride was relaxing until a passenger realized that she missed her stop at another airport and was yelling at the bus driver. The Incheon Airport is huge. We took a shuttle to get to our gate. We had lots of time to check in and had no problems. We flew to straight to Vancouver. It was a 15 hour flight and it was hard to sleep. We had to collect our bags and go through customs even though it was the same plane going to Toronto. We had no spare time to pick up any snacks for the second part of our flight. This was the longest Valentine's day we have ever had. Erin picked us up at the airport. She surprised us with snacks that she packed for the car ride home. It was warmer in Ontario than it was in Korea. It was so great to crawl into our own bed! I was so tired. I didn't sleep on either flight. Paul managed to fall asleep a few ties on the flight to Toronto.

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