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Villarica from Cani

View of the lake region

Cani - half way rest/camping spot

Cani - view of the lake region

Local resident: Lizard

Local Cani Cattle

Rio at Lago Negro

Justin Goulding, Fellow Cani Hiker

Lago Negro with Araunco Trees

Lago Negro: Rio and Lynn go for a swim

Little Waterfall

Flat tire change

Lago Negro

Volcanoe Lanin (or Quetrupillan)

Lynn among wildflowers

At the top of Cani: El Mirador

Lynn at El Mirador

Rio and Alan at El Mirador

Local Resident: Tarantula #1

Local Resident: Tarantula #2

Battle of the Bulls

Hiking in Cañi Sanctuary

We’ve taken some side trips and will take some more along the way. The highlight at this point is El Cani. It’s a very steep hike going from dry to wet scenery and a combination of unique foliage and stuff that would look right at home in Northern California. After 2+ hours of hiking and before the final 20 minute steep ascent to the top, Lago Negro appears and makes a great lunch spot and swimming hole. You certainly need and want the break at that point.

While stopping here we received some entertainment from the local cattle. The bulls decided to battle it out for top of the herd and the head banging and wrestling began, quite loud. Check out some of the shots. Just looking made us think about taking an aspirin.

When you make it to the top (El Mirador), you are rewarded with a 360 degree view of the surrounding lake region and white capped volcanoes with perfect cone formations. Spectacular views, we tried to do our best to capture in the pictures.

We’ve gone up and down Cani a couple times and expect to revisit this hike again. The first two have each had there own little extra adventure or exercise, call it what you like:

Cani 1: We met an English fellow, a sportswriter for one of the British newspapers, Justin Goulding. Made for a very pleasant companion to distract us from the exertion...great conversation except for one question.

This question goes on our list of questions you never want to hear [Alan: a growing list of mine]. The question arose just upon finishing the hike, when we indicated our parked car up ahead and offered Justin a ride. He responded, “Does your car have a flat tire?” Yes, it did.

10-15 minutes later, with Lynn reading our Spanish car manual and important moral support from our writer friend, we were back on the road. (BTW, one of the benefits of Chile: got the tire patched and changed in town in about 10 minutes for about $8.00 US.)

Cani 2: On the way down, Lynn noticed she had lost her sunglasses. Thinking she had left them at the rest stop 10+ minutes up the steep hill, Alan volunteered to go get them. The next day Alan's legs regretted the decision, especially when considering that nothing was there to be found.

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