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Kodkod Cabaña

settled in

post-apocalyptic grill


quite impressed with her mud-puddle jumping abilities

house being built next to Álvaro's

Oops...Rio walked across the wet concrete of the future 2nd floor

Ten days near downtown Pucón was enough to imagine what it would be like with the anticipated arrival of Santiago’s entire vacationing population. We fled to a nearby Eco-Lodge, KodKod in the beautiful, protected mountain area of El Cani Sanctuary. Our cabaña here is bright and cozy and the people are wonderful. We just wish they could raise the roof of our upstairs loft bedroom so Lynn wouldn’t hit her head so often!

Álvaro helped us find the place. He and his family (which includes countless cats and two puppies) live very close by so our daily language classes continue throughout the month (and we don’t have to drive into Pucón as often).

The cooking continues. So far, Alan’s two favorite dinners are: 1) tequila-soaked (great tenderizer) pork chops with a spicy blackberry sauce to give it a fun, sweet balance and 2) barbequed ribs. While the latter sounds less unique, the fun came when the bottom of the grill dropped out. Literally. Since no food was on the grill yet, we just rolled with it and turned the hazard into a campfire…and later repaired the rusted out grill in true Chilean fashion.

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