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Fields are drier as we leave Cambodia.

Love the colonial style balconies


Bamboo scaffolding and small tractors pulling carts

Lots of construction happening

Modern gas station

Government building

Honouring the dead father of the King

Spirit house

Gasoline for sell in pop bottles

Spirit houses for sale

Primary school

More mountains again


More tall buildings



Metal scaffolding for a change






At the border crossing. A ceremony going on about the cremation of...

Waiting in line on the Cambodian side to have our passports checked.

We had to cross on foot through these gates to Thailand

Thailand is on the other side of these gates

Welcome to Thailand


Cambodians taking goods across the border to sell

We were off by 6:30 so we could get to the border before the crowds. We took a private bus to the border & got dropped off. Then we walked through the departure area, got finger printed and photographed again. Then we had to cross the border on foot and once again got photographed at the arrival area. It took about 1 hour. We had to wait an additional hour for our 2 mini vans to arrive. It took 4 hours to get to Bangkok. We are back at the Bangkok Centre Hotel. We had a farewell dinner at KoSun road. We took a tuk-tuk to get there. Lang gave us 4 flags crests as a going away gift and thanked us for a great trip. We returned home by taxi. The taxi was 61 Baht on the meter for 4 people and it was air conditioned whereas the tuk-tuk cost 150 Baht for 3 people! Go figure.

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