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Sun rising behind Angkor Wat

Love the reflection in the pond in front of Angkor Wat

touring the outside of Angkor Wat

lots of monkeys around

the outer wall

detailed work on every surface of the sandstone

the base of this structure is supported by volcanic rock


the columns in the windows were made out of sandstone

long hallways

every column in the hallways had carvings like this

intricate detailing at the top of the columns

some of the bas-relief on the first level

even the bottom of the columns had carvings

Churning of the Ocean Milk

detailing around entrance ways

the ceiling even had carved sandstone

a scene depicting people going to hell







Entering the second level








The third level

View from the top






Second level below







Stairs used to get to the third level

The back of Angkor Wat

Lots of monkeys in the road

A baby monkey

We were up 4 am and off to see the sunrise behind Angkor Wat. There were lots of people like us. Angkor Wat is a Hindu temple commemorating Vishnu. It is believed it may have been constructed as a funeral temple since it faces west which is in the direction of the setting sun and is symbolic of passing into the next life for a king. It is the symbol of Cambodia and was built in the 12th century using Khmer architecture. It is a 3-tiered pyramid with 5 towers which is thought to represent Mount Meru, home of the gods: a land of creation and destruction. There are 3 levels to the inner sanctum. On the first level, bas-reliefs encircle the temple depicting historical wars and scenes from Hindu epics. The most famous is the mythical "Churning of the Ocean Milk". This legend tells the story of Hindu Deities stirring vast oceans in order to extract the elixir of mortality. The churning produced Apsaras, Hindu Celestial dancers. We climbed a really steep staircase to get to the top level where the King spent some time in. You had to be dressed appropriately to be allowed to go up. Some tourists were not allowed. After exploring, we returned to our hotel for breakfast.

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