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It's a bit blurry but as you can see, Ashley was surprised!

Hugging her Aunt Cindy...

Thank's baby, I can't believe you did this!

Even got a bit teary! :)

Aunt Bonnie's having fun!

As are Larry & Tawnia...

We both look a little 'soused' here, we're not!

Good pic of Ash!

Well, the party bus is here...

Looks like it's in 'full swing' as they party on out of...

And a much more subdued crowd the following day for super bowl!!!...

As I mentioned in my last post Saturday night we attended a surprise birthday party for niece Ashley with about 50 of her closest friends! It started out at a local joint the Mountainside Bar & Grill for two hours. Drinks & horderves were served and we had a nice time catching up with old friends. Then the pink party bus arrived to transport everyone that wanted to go to Stoney's Rockin' Country, a new club here in Vegas. I think that all the 'youngster's' boarded and all the rest of us meandered on home. It had already been a long day for us and a couple of adult libations were all we could handle. So, I took a photo of the gang in the bus as they partied their way on out of here!!!

Sunday we joined a bunch of family at Bill & Cindy's for super bowl. We had the usual party fare, tri-tip, whites with peppers & onions, mac & Cheese, quacamole, zucchini & onion rings and the list goes on. There was plenty of cheering going on and a few sober moments as well. Especially when the lights went out & it appeared the Raven's lost their momentum. Bill has a huge theater room that he calls his 'man cave' and it sure makes for a great way to view a football game! Wow!!!!

Mom had her first eye done yesterday. She's been having pain & really poor vision in both eyes for some time. Her heart condition made it a bit iffy on her course of treatment but her cardiologist finally gave her the go-ahead and she had a cataract removed without incident yesterday and they plan to do the other one next week. Hopefully her pain will subside and she'll be able to read and play games on the computer which is her normal daily routine. Helps to keep her young! She's celebrating her 80th birthday on Friday and I believe all 4 of her daughters will be there. A couple of nieces and nephews as well. Looking forward to that! It's been too long since we last saw her. Larry & I plan to drive down early Friday morning.

If you've been following my hand issue, the shot & splint seem to be helping. I'll know more on the 13th when I go back for a follow-up. The pain has greatly subsided so I'm hoping all will be well. Larry has his annual check-up later that day as well and that will about finish up things needing to be done before we head out in a couple of weeks for a month or two. Life is good around here, hope yours is going well too!

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