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The port at My Tho City

Old & new

Our boat. Note the eyes painted on the front. These stop evil...

Jack fruit

Small round grave is that of a baby

Type of squash

Rain water collected at a home in the village on Unicorn island

Typical way that clothes are dried

Pigs raised by a family on Unicorn island

The canals on the island were the roads.

Busy canals





An old fashion gas pump

Beautiful homes


Baby pineapple

Ornate furniture

Dragon fruit plant

The pressing of coconut to make candies

Coconut milk

Boiling down of the milk

Candy stretched out and sometimes mixed with chocolate

Candies are wrapped by hand in rice paper first, then paper

Coconut rice whisky

A fish trap

Monty the Python

It's tail was going up my back under my shirt

Drying rice paper

Cooking rice paper

A beehive this man got down from a high palm tree

Horse cart ride

Visit at a bee farm

Canoe ride along a canal




Back to our boat on the river

Our lunch, elephant ear fish

Water coconut drink

This island is being enlarges by the wooden barrier that captures mangrove

Another island being enlarged with a cement wall

Back to the port

We spent the day in the Mekong Delta. It is a region of waterways formed by the Mekong River, covering an area of about 60,000 square km and with a population of 17 million, most engaged in farming & fishing. Often called the breadbasket of Vietnam, the Delta accounts for more than 50% of the rice production. As we left HoChi Minh city we saw more bright-green rice paddies, fruit orchards, sugar cane fields and vegetable gardens. The waters were busy with boats & fish farms. We went to the port in My Tho city. We boated along Tien River visiting 2 islands and the other side of the river. On the Unicorn island we learned about the different kinds of fruits. We were given samples to taste. We also visited a locals home. They were raising pigs. On the other side of the Tien river we watched how coconut candy was made as well as rice/coconut paper. We had a pony cart ride through a small village. Then we took a canoe ride through one of the canals and back out to the river. We also visited a Bee farm. We finished up on Phoenix Island to have lunch. Then we returned to Ho Chi Minh city. The pictures will tell more of what we saw and did!

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