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Going into the Cu Chi Tunnel

Numerous B52 bomb craters in this area

a trap that originally was used to capture animals

the traps had sharpened bamboo spears that had snake venom on the...

an opening to a tunnel

looks like an ant hill but it is the secret ventilation for...

US captured tank

sandals were made using rubber tires

cooked tapioca root dipped in peanuts

green tea after our tour

guerrilla uniform on the left, North Vietnamese on the right

gum tree plantation

workers collecting the sap

beautiful pagoda



various US aircraft








Vietnamese school children at the museum

lights are set up in streets to prepare for the New Year

the former US embassy now called the Reunification Palace

lots of parks in Ho Chi Minh

each street had a different kind of lights

Notre Dame Cathedral

Another street decorated with lights

tonight we saw these streets lit up and they are so beautiful

lots of greenery for such a large city

high rises amongst the old buildings

We rose by 6. We have a busy day ahead of us. We had a great sleep since the mattress and pillows were not rock hard! A 90 minute bus ride took us to the Cu Chi tunnels. It was fascinating. The tunnels were built in 3 levels with ventilation, wells for water and led to the Saigon River if escape was needed. The Cu Chi people developed this network of tunnels over 20 years. They stretched as far as Cambodia. There were meeting rooms, kitchens, triage areas and many more other special rooms. This created an effective network for waging guerrilla warfare on the nearby US troops. We learned how they dug them out. The soil is clay and so was perfect. We were also shown all the gruesome traps that were used. We got a chance to crawl through some tunnels. They are small for us since we are not fine boned and short like the Vietnamese. Some group members tried shooting some of the weapons. It was really noisy! We were near the village where the picture of the little girl running naked and burnt by Napalm was taken.Next, we toured the War Remnants Museum. It was very disturbing. Each room had a theme: one was war facts, one dedicated to journalists around the world that lost their lives, one devoted to biological warfare, another to weaponry and another to worldwide demonstrations for peace. The photographs were gruesome. It was unbelievable the deformities that were caused by Agent Orange to babies. And so many co-joined babies. We felt sad and angry at what the war did to the Vietnamese people. This museum calls for peace and a hope that history is not repeated! Outside the building there was a variety of US planes, tanks, guns etc. Vietnamese school children were also there on a school trip. We found the Reunification Palace (the former US embassy) where the evacuations took place on its roof with helicopters before the North Vietnamese tanks knocked the gates down and hung up their flag as victors thus ending the war. We also went pass the Notre Dame Cathedral. It was built in 1877 & 1883 using bricks from Marseilles and stained glass windows from Chartres. A statue of the Virgin Mary is in a small park just in front. Locals say they have seen her eyes cry on more than one occasion. We had a group dinner to say goodbye to Tash, Yvette & Corey, Roxanne & Matt, Hayden & Kelsey. We also welcomed Lucy & Natalie from Phoenix, Arizona.

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