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Our hotel in Hoi An

Where we played billiard balls with a Scottish couple

Patio where we ate breakfast

The bridge to the mainland. Our hotel was on an island.

Fishing vessel on the river beside our hotel.

They pumped sand from the bottom of the river and placed it...

Mixture of Christian statues and Buddhas.

A pagoda way up on the hill

In the Hoi An airport

Our hotel in Ho Chi Minh

Crazy traffic

Pagodas on tops of buildings

Intricate work on the pagodas.

We had a relaxing breakfast at our hotel. Packed and checked out by 10:30. The ride ride to the Danang Airport was short. This city is a major trading port which is quite modern and has a lot of new buildings being constructed. The airport is modern as well. We watched fighter jets take off and land on a shared runway. It was so cool and noisy! There was a Burger King and so Paul had 2 burgers while I enjoyed a chocolate sundae. Our Flight to Ho Chi Minh was delayed by half hour since the airplane had not arrived. We got to Ho Chi Minh by 3:16. The flight took almost 1 hour. We were told to be careful with our belongings due to pick pocketers and theives. Our room has a safety deposit box but it is not bolted to anything and could easily fit into a back pack! After we checked in and freshened up, Liang took us for a walk around the city. It is beautiful at night. It's all lit up but there are so many vehicles on the roads that crossing is a challenge. There are some traffic lights which helps out a bit. Everyone on a motor bike is wearing a helmet here. And we see more western clothing on the younger generation. We had a group dinner and then a few of us went out for a few more beers before we retired for the nights.

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