Sue's Great Indochina Loop 2012/13 travel blog

Morning views from my window


Haircut anyone?

Everything a local could want to buy at the market

Garlic and shallots




Monks and tuk tuks

Who chooses these bar names?

All aboard for our trip down river




Late afternoon light is magical on the water


View from the restaurant

Dinner at a very posh restaurant

For Diane's birthday

I'm woken at dawn by what sounds like a race meeting combined with a rock concert next door and even the trusty roosters and wailing cats are struggling to compete.

We breakfast on the side of street in the slight chill of the morning before the sun comes up over the amazing limestone karst mountains. The males decide on some tube caving while the women decide on a more leisurely agenda of walking to the local market, massage ($5per hr and so good) and a swim in the lagoon.

We meet Kom for a late afternoon longboat ride down the Nom Sang river, gliding down the rapids with the limestone mountains towering above us. It is beautiful, marred only by the flotillas of tubers most of whom have filled the provided dry bags with vast supplies of beerlao.

It is Dianne's birthday so we have pre-dinner drinks and eventually dinner at a much more salubrious restaurant serving fine French food and passable wine. Kom has even organised a lovely cake.

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