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View of river from our hotel patio restaurant

The hotel's herb garden

Morning Glory cooking school

Fruit selection at the morning market in Hoi An

Paul grandfathering in South East Asia

Vegetable selection

Everything is fresh!

Someone is having chicken tonight

So colourful

The crabs were still moving

The silver bottoms are males and the coloured bottoms are the females.

The fish arrive 5 am!

So many different kinds of fish

Squid anyone?

Yum! Eel!

Very ornate wooden tour boat

Slicing very thin slices of garlic and then roasting it. Used as...

Roasting peanuts and sesame seeds that we will be using during cooking...

Making rice flour for the wrappers

Fresh rice noodles used in one of our rice rolls

A pig being barbecued

The new cooking classroom

The spices, herbs and oils we will be using to cook with

Paul is ready to cook!

Getting ready to make the soup. That is a banana mat we...

Tasha and Mitali having fun cooking.

The soup is ready to eat!

Ingredients for the shrimp & pork roll

Everything is arranged on the rice paper

The final product. Very beautiful!

Crispy pancake roll

Mango salad

Special tool to thinly slice herbs, fruit and garlic. We all got...

After our great breakfast on a patio overlooking the river, we went to our Vietnamese Cooking class at the Morning Glory Restaurant at 8:20. First we were taken to the morning market to learn about the fresh herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables used. We got to taste lots of things. We crushed many of the herbs in our hands to guess what they were. We were taken to the meat/fish area of the market. Very smelly! And noisy! I posted 3 video clips of this on Facebook! The locals bring their goods 5 am. A women will shop twice a day to make sure she has fresh ingredients for cooking. They only buy what they need for the day. Also, they first see what they can get from the market and then plan what they can cook with it. The cooking classroom was modern and was just recently built with a mirror to watch the teacher. We cooked cabbage leaf parcels with shrimp mousse in broth, rice paper rolls, BBQ chicken & lime leaf, mango salad and crispy Hoi An pancakes. We were so full after. The food was delicious and we had cooked it ourselves. We got a copy of the recipes and a special slicing tool. Paul also bought a special tool that splits green onions into long curly thin strips. We napped after this huge lunch. After, we walked around the Hoi An market and had a beer before we ate dinner at Ganesh Indian restaurant. The servings were huge! It was delicious. I also tried a Vietnamese red wine. It was good.

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