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The big upside down dome is a fishing net

Busy port

A cloudy, drizzly day

Lots of fishing vessels in the South China Sea

Rice paddies at various stages of development

Up by 7 am. A great breakfast provided by the hotel. Skyped with Baby Elizabeth and shortly after with Cyndie. Packed up and on a bus to Hoi An. It's raining while we are on the bus. It's the first rain. We had to go through another Hai Van mountain pass with winding roads. The highway followed the shoreline. There were many more rice paddies. It looks like they get more rain in this area. The ground is quite wet. We went through the Hai Van tunnel that cuts through a mountain for 6 1/2 km saving us 20 km of twisting roads! It is the longest tunnel in South East Asia. There are lots more fishing vessels and nets along the shore. And there are beaches but no one is swimming since it is their winter here. We passed through Danang which had very luxurious resorts along the South China Sea (Pacific Ocean). There seemed to be a lot of construction along the shore. Looks like there will be many more resorts in the future. We arrived in Hoi An in 4 hours to the Poi Hoi hotel. Hoi An is an ancient port on the Thu Bon River. It use to be the most important trading port in SE Asia. But silting of the river mouth has now made Denang the most important trading port. When we got settled, Liang took us for a walk to show us where things were and then the group went for an amazing traditional meal. We were given rice wrappers that we would pile on greens, pickled veggies and meat. Then you roll it up and dip it in a peanut sauce. It was all you can eat! Pineapple was for dessert. The meal was chaotic and messy! Then the group went for a drink and met up with Keiran and Ruth. We called it a night earlier than the rest. The mosquitoes were annoying!

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