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We have arrived in New Zealand. It's warm here and the airport is pretty large but almost empty. On arrival you have to complete a boarding form (something akin to a CV!). Whilst Janet was waiting for our luggage to arrive I thought I would fetch a trolley. Almost at once one of the security men stopped me and asked me what was in my bag (all I had in the Langhams bag were my Uggs - honest). He thought that I might have had jewellery in it and asked to look inside. Then he began to interrogate me as to where I was going where I was staying and which day I was crossing to the South Island etc. Eventually he was happy and let me continue. I know that I wasn't looking my best but did I really look like a smuggling refugee? Passing through Customs also involved many questions too including my employment,as if I was having a job interview, whereas Janet must have been looked at as a nice homely lady that they were more than happy to let in. Cheek! We were met by a very nice driver who took us to our hotel in Auckland. We were staying in the Skytower which consisted of hotel rooms a casino and many restaurants all in one area. Bags dumped we went for a walk around the harbour. It was not as pretty as we had hoped but we managed to find a nice restaurant and had our first seafood meal and NZ beer. We went back to the hotel to check out the casino and watched a few high rollers (the NZ equivalent obviously) and a wander around the gift shop where Janet bought an All Blacks sweatshirt (I don't think she has a desire to be an All Black though - we will have to see) and I bought sheep for the new bubbas shortly joining the family.

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