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Another misty overcast day:(

At the bottom of Tip Top island

View of Halong Bay half way up Tip Top Mountain

We climbed 425 steps to get to the Pagoda on the top

View from the top

A hawk gliding below us! That's how high up we were.

Relaxing at the bottom.

That's Tip Top with the Pagoda on top that we climbed up...

A concrete boat

Our cabin

Back to Bay Chai

Small boat ferried us to the shore

Driving back to Hanoi. Buildings are torn down to widen the highway

Rice paddies seen during our bus ride back to Hanoi

Lots of crops being grown along the highway

We had a great sleep on the boat. After our early breakfast, we climbed to the top of one of the limestone karsts, Dao Ti Top. It was 425 steps to the top where there was a Pagoda lookout. The day was still cloudy and misty so it was not the greatest for long distance views. You could go swimming here but the water and air was cold. Ha Long Bay means "Bay of Descending Dragons" A legend says that in the beginning days, the Viet people were attacked by foreign aggressors. The Jade Emperor sent the mother dragon and a herd of Child Dragons to help the Viet fight the invaders. While the enemy vessels were launching massive attacks against the mainland, the dragons descended in flocks from the sky. They spat out innumerable pearls that, in a moment, were changed into innumerable jade stone islands linked together into firm citadels that checked the enemy's advance and smashed their vessels into pieces. The Viet won at last. After the invaders were driven out, Mother Dragon and her child dragons did not return to heaven but stayed on earth, right at the place where the battle occurred. The spot where the Mother Dragon landed was Ha Long and where the child dragons came down was Bai Tu Long The place where their tails violently wagged was Ha Long, and where the Child Dragons came down was Bai Tu Long. The place where their tails violently wagged was called Long Vi, the present-day Tra Co Peninsula with its soft sandy beach stretching dozens of kilometres. We returned to Hanoi and walked around the Old Quarter and got some food for the train. Then it was off to the train station. It is an overnight train to Hue. We boarded at 7 pm. There are 4 bunks to a room so we shared the room with Roxanne and Matt from Australia. We taught them how to play hearts. Everyone went to bed early. We could lock our door. The washroom was at the end of the car. The bedding was dusty so we used our sleeping bag liners. The bed was short for Paul. I got the upper bunk. The mattresses were really hard and the train rocked a lot and jolted every time it stopped at a station! We had to bring our own supper and breakfast on the train.

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