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4 ropes knotted on each wrist by the 4 elders during the...

Our room is gorgeous with lots of teak wood and high vaulted ceiling and wooden shuttered windows. We visited the museum of ethnology. We found the wedding traditions fascinating. At a construction site next to the museum, both men and women were working.

We took a private bus to the Kuang Sii waterfalls. At the beginning of the path to the falls, we passed a black bear sanctuary. We trekked around the falls, passing many pools at different levels that people could swim in. The water was cold since it is their winter. We hiked up to the top along a steep and sometimes narrow trail. At the top we waded across the river above the fall and hiked back down the other side which has wooden stairs near the bottom that looked like stone but was just thick layers of calcium deposits. The view of cascading water was lovely and the water had an unusually bright blue colour. In one of the pools at the bottom there was a rope swing that many people used. We had lunch just outside the falls.

In the evening, we had a traditional Laos dinner. It started with the elders tying ropes on our wrists wishing us a good life which is a traditional Buddhist ceremony. We must keep these ropes on our wrists for 3 days. Removing them before then could give you bad luck. We sat on cushions. The food was amazing! We had deep fried eggplant, sausages, rice, curry, salad and pork dish. Dessert was mango with a custard rice mixture. After, Paul and I walked through the night market and back to the hotel.

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