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We were up at 6am and back on the Mekong river. It was overcast, very misty and much colder. We were wearing many layers of clothing. But it did get warmer as the day progressed.

Along the way we saw 2 elephants that were brought to the river to wash. Crops were being planted on the sand bars and banks. The main crop was peanuts. There is much more fishing at this end of the river. Nets and traps are attached to bamboo stakes that are driven into the sand banks. At times we would pass through Class 1 rapids.

The wife cooked us a wonderful lunch of rice, curry, fried eggplant, fried fish, stir fry vegetables and soup. For dessert we had fresh fruit. We stopped at the wife's village so she could pick up some rice. Then we stopped at the husband's village so his father who was also driving the boat, could get off.

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