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Today we head to Cape Tribulation; this is about three hours north of Cairns. When we got onto the bus, we met some really lovely people and after about an hour we stopped at river where we were going Crocodile hunting. We were going along in this boat and the guide was saying it would be unlikely at this time of day to see a croc! Then would u believe it a 2 metre crocodile just on the river bank, was awesome. A crocodile will open its mouth if it feels aggression and this crocs mouth was wide open just staring at the boat! It was really cool to see though and he was the only one we saw but at least we saw one.

We went to the Daintree Rainforest, which is the oldest rainforest in the world - we walked through part of it and saw lots of weird and wonderful creatures, massive spiders (yuk) I am definitely getting slightly better though with them and a really cute lizard! After lunch we were dropped at the Beach House in Cape Tribulation, it is set on the beach in the rainforest! The huts we were staying in were pretty basic but Bex and I shared a bunk bed and we shared the room with the girls from our trip which was nice. We went to explore I was like a nervous wreck with all the bugs about but I have to say I have got so much better with all the bugs - even Bex Said so!

The weather wasn't that great so we had to sit under a canopy, there was a girl sitting by herself Sara from Wales, she was the only one on her trip that was staying at the Beach Huts and looked so petrified so we invited her over. She was so nice and we spent the afternoon walking to a lookout point, which was cool and then just sat on the beach for the rest of the day as the sun came out.

By evening we had all had enough it was a bit boring to be honest and we ended up playing scrabble, having dinner and a beer and heading to bed pretty early dodging all the creepy crawlies back to our rooms.

The following day we were picked up at lunchtime and we were all pretty glad to be honest as lovely as it was with absolutely nothing around everyone was ready to leave. On our way to Port Douglas we stopped at the Daintree Ice Cream Parlour where they grow all the fruits for their ice cream.

They were ok the passion fruit was the nicest. We also stopped at a gorge where an aboriginal person gave us a lesson on how to play a dijeredoo which was cool. He wasn't what I was expecting as he had a Nike baseball hat on and Nike Air Trainers for some reason I thought they would be in rags and naked!

When we arrived in Port Douglas it was like a little make-believe town. Everything was pretty, pristine and perfect. It reminded us of The Florida keys or the Truman show. We stayed at a hostel called Parrotfish which was nice except for the Chinese girl who was in our room and didn’t understand how to be quiet at 1am or 6am! We went for dinner when we got there in a place called the ‘Tin Shed’ it was recommended and right on the sea front it was a glorious day so was nice to watch the sunset. Port Douglas is an expensive and up market place but was nice to be there for a night. The reason behind us going there is that the famous Kate Ramsey from Neighbours, took off after her Boyfriend, who was the hot cop, was killed and she went to Dougies in Port Douglas and it looked really good so that's why we went - good reasoning eh? Hahaha.

The following day we went to the beach it was a nice day and the weather was beautiful, it made the town look even nicer. Luckily they have a part of the sea with a stinger net up so was able to go for a swim - the sea was quite rough and had been churned a bit so had a lot of seaweed! We had a walk around the town and looked in a few shops and then it was time to head back to Cairns for a quick night sleep before heading to Mission Beach.

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