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The cute, newly opened restaurant where we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast

and some of the interior of the place

This time we found the turtle in the water and was fun...

And another seal enjoying a snooze on the beach oblivious to the...

Some of the beautiful sea life we all enjoyed today

and some more of them.

One of my favorites

and this one was too!

What made this funnier is that Linda had no idea of Steve's...

Had to capture this board for our golfing friends!

Some of the pretty scenery we are now seeing with the weather...

We are anxiously awaiting the beautiful sunset and those are the navy...

And we were rewarded . . .

A really fun shop in Hanapepe during the Friday Night shopping expedition.

We all got a kick out of this sign - Mexican food...

And yes, another reward with a beautiful rainbow on our way to...


Today we found a really fun place we saw advertised on the Hawaii Tourist Channel that recently opened and was really close to where we were staying – so we thought it would be fun to check it out for a nice breakfast before getting underway for a day planned of the four S’s – snorkeling, swimming, shopping and sunset!

The breakfast was heavenly and all said we’d gladly return if provided the opportunity before leaving the island – we checked out multiple beaches to find just the right one without huge waves and that had “gentle” waters to provide a more fun day of snorkeling.

I thought a bit of history about the island might be interesting to some reading this post and some things we all found to be of interest. As mentioned earlier, Kaua’i is the eldest of the Hawaiian Islands and has had time on its side to shape the lush green mountains as well as the nutrient rich red dirt and produces amazing long beaches of fine white sand. The island lies 100 miles northwest of O’ahu and is the northernmost and westernmost of Hawaii’s main islands. The Garden Island is the fourth largest island measuring approximately 33 miles long and 25 miles wide. There are 90 miles of coastline and the island is the most circular of all the islands. Actually, the island is a paradise for beach lovers in that nearly half of the coastline is actually beautiful white-sand beaches. In fact, Kaua’i has more sand than the Big Island or Maui. The coast is also dotted with sections of cliffs (the Na Pali coast), bays, a port and lots of crashing waves.

Approximately 90 percent of the island is unlivable thanks to the mountainous interior. The island was built by a large volcano that became extinct nearly five million years ago. An interesting tidbit I read is Kaua’i was once farther south, on the hot spot that is now under the Big Island. It’s this hot spot that erupts magma and builds islands, and as the Earth’s plates move, so do the islands. That’s why Kaua’i is the oldest, at the top of the chain, and the Big Island is still active and on the bottom of the island chain.

And the island is certainly a favorite of many filmmakers and am sure many have seen the movies filmed here and not even realized it. Here’s a list of the few:

Blue Hawaii


Fantasy Island (did those falls look familiar in the post yesterday of Wailua Falls?)

George of the Jungle

Honeymoon in Vegas


Jurassic Park

King Kong

Lord of the Flies

Mighty Joe Young


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Six Days/Seven Nights

Soul Surfer

South Pacific

Starsky and Hutch

Tropic Thunder

White Heat

We planned on checking out our departure point for tomorrow’s tour after our day spent snorkeling. And while out near the Navy Base, took the opportunity to refuel, grab some goodies and head out to the cottages we visited earlier in our stay and watch the sunset! And we were not disappointed.

Then we went by Friday Night in Hanapepe where all 16 art galleries are open to the public along with vendors selling their wares and all stores were open and accompanied by multiple musicians playing in the streets – it was a fun evening and we all had a really fun time – and returned to the condo exhausted! We also have an early day tomorrow to reach the cruise departure point by 9:00 a.m.

Till later,

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