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Arrived at our home for the next 3 months on December 30th. We're in Goodyear AZ now until some time in March. We're just a hop, skip and a jump from Michaela and Melissa over in Buckeye, so will have plenty of opportunity to spend time with them. We picked this RV park because of its proximity to Buckeye and because of the activities here at the park. The other campers are very friendly, too, which makes it fun when we go to a resort breakfast or dinner or some other function. We've met lots of Canadians and people from Minnesota and Iowa, but no one from Nebraska. We welcomed the New Year with Jack, Theresa and family by watching the Husker game. Out of respect for the Nebraska fans who read this blog, that's all I have to say about it. The day before Jack, etc. had to go back to Omaha, they came over and swam in the heated pool here at the resort. It was great if you stayed in the water, but getting out was a whole other ball game. It was chilly - to say the least. Still, they all had a good time swimming! (Notice, I said "they". It was a bit too cool to go swimming for me!)

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