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Mystic Falls Park, inside Sam's Town Casino....

Gosh, I look grumpy but I really am having a good day!

Time for presents...

And cake....And no John, the candles aren't on backwards...Wouldn't that be nice...

And a hug for sissy!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband~We had a nice day together even though we were unsuccessful in finding him the cowboy boots he's been wanting. We tried Shepler's, located in Sam's Town, and had no luck there. And then Cowtown Boots, same story. There is one more boot store left to check here in Vegas (Boot Barn) so we'll try there in the next few days. I'm figuring Arizona and New Mexico have plenty of options available so we'll find a pair that really fit well eventually. His size 13 with a narrow heel are a REAL problem! D width want to slip and slide. And yes, we know they're supposed to move 1/2 to 1 inch in the heel. Custom made would really be best but they don't fit in our budget, at least not at this time. I need to find a great way to make a few bucks at home, while traveling? Anyone have a good option?

On the plus side, Larry enjoyed a nice porterhouse steak with baked potato and lettuce wedge salad for dinner. Homemade blue cheese dressing of course! Followed by his favorite, white cake with chocolate frosting with a big glass of milk. And best of all, he got to spend the day with ME, his best friend in the world I do want to thank all of our readers and Facebook friends for all of the birthday comments and good wishes. Certainly made his day a special one!

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