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One of the 'locals' weaving baskets from palm fronds.

The beautiful Wailua Falls tumbling into the river below that empties into...

Steve's fun off-road, 4WD experience into a virtual rain forest.

The Wailua landmark, this gorgeous 'Opaeka'a Falls - probably was all our...

Some of the pretty countryside we passed by heading up to Wailea...

Some of the beautiful sights around the St. Regis Hotel - a...

And some of the sights around the grounds and pool.

Looking out towards Wailea Bay

Loved this view while walking back to our table at lunch.

Now down on the beach and we are all about to go...

Captured this shot just as we were leaving and right before sunset.

How lucky were we to have captured this shortly after we arrived?


Despite the bad weather on the eastern and northern shores during all but one day of our visit here to the Garden Island, we all decided to just bite the bullet and head off in that direction with a few stops along the way.

Our first stop was at the island's only WalMart to pick up a few supplies and check it out before heading to our first destination - Wailua Falls! We found the turn-off and followed the road to the end of it and walked out to the overlook to see the Falls - and even managed to spy a very small rainbow along side the falls! Also watched one of the locals weaving baskets from palm fronds - fascinating to watch.

We then proceeded along the route in Kapa'a to the next turn off to see 'Opaeka'a Falls, a lacy looking, dual or triple falls known as a Wailua landmark and we could see why. Once again, we noted on the map there was another 'end of the road' roads and opted to follow it. Ended up being a fun four wheel drive experience for Steve crossing a stream and driving through a muddy, bumpy road - and we definitely could see why Kaua'i is called the "Garden Island" and also the home to the 'wettest spot on earth' - the vegetation was similar to a rain forest. Very beautiful to behold!

Our plan was to return to the St. Regis Hotel we drove by when we visited Princeville last week and have lunch there. The hotel is situated right on Hanalei Bay, the site of the mythical "Bali Hai" in the movie "South Pacific" and is a haven for photographers and filmmakers. In fact, many consider this the most spectacular spot in Hawaii. In the Hawaiian language, Hanalei means "lei shaped bay".

We thoroughly enjoyed the St. Regis and the beautiful setting of this magnificent hotel and gardens. The pool was wonderful and we found the small grill poolside and had our own private cabana where we all enjoyed a nice, light lunch before heading to the beach for some snorkeling. And what fun we had! We all got in and snorkeled and Steve got lots of pictures of the beautiful and colorful fish we swam with and around! Steve hasn't downloaded the underwater pictures he took and when he does, I'll include them in another post.

Regretfully, the sun was setting and it was time to head back to the hotel! Our first order of business after unloading the car was to hit the hot tub! And boy did that ever feel wonderful!

We heard from Marie (Steve and Linda's daughter and Zookie's pet sitter) today that all schools had been closed after six inches of snow fell throughout the Boise area - certainly made us all pretty happy we were here right now!

Till later,

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