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Lush gardens. Note the shrine in the background.

Tropical planters placed on ledges outside windows of buildings

Lots of motorbikes. And driving is on the other side of the...

After a great sleep we walked around Bangkok. There were definitely more cars and motorbikes than last night. And of course lots of horns beeping. Crossing the street is quite a challenge. We almost got run down trying to cross the street because we looked the wrong way! They drive on the other side like in Australia. Also, at a red light in an intersection, the motor bikes at the back would move between the stopped cars creating a mass of in front of them. When the light turned green, it looked like a motorcycle race!

We walked to the Chao Praya river and then through China town. We will be boating on this river tomorrow.it is a very busy river moving people around the city. So many smells. Lots of street food vendors. Today we tried a fried chicken puff, a fried wrapper with chicken and a Thailand roti that is like a very thin pancake fried with a beaten egg and filled with sliced bananas and then folded into a square packaged and drizzled with chocolate syrup and sweetened condensed milk. So yummy!

As we were walking we saw lots of small spirit houses set up along the streets. Most would have samples of food offerings. When we got off the main road and walked down the really narrow side streets , a shrine could be found in every shop and restaurant. Lots were lit up with lights.

Above the streets, a tangled mess of wires could be seen everywhere. There are lots of dogs everywhere and belonging to no one. One dog snuck into a store and the owner was running down the aisles chasing it out! This dog was smart. This was an air conditioned store and having very long thick fur and 30 degree day, I guess it just couldn't resist. If you needed a taxi you could spot them easily, bright pink!

We met our group and leader. There are 10 of us from all over the world: Ireland, Germany, and Canada. Half the group is young and the other half is older like us.

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