Jerry and Lindsay 2013 travel blog

Around the hotel grounds

This rock is near our hotel on Shipwreck Beach - and folks...

Jerry and Steve out in Po'ipu Beach waters snorkeling and having fun...

A small assortment of what they saw!

And here's what Linda and I walked over to watch

Doesn't he look positively exhausted?

The Hawaiian Monk Seal out on a sandbar taking a snooze!

Just missed stepping on this sea urchin by less than an inch,...

Our nice lunch overlooking the beach where the fellas snorkeled.

This is the beautiful Koloa Jodo Mission

Took this pic because I have never seen donkey/burro tail sedum cacti...

The pretty rainbow we discovered when leaving Koloa!


Due to the weather NOT cooperating with our visit here on Kaua'i, the Garden Island, we opted to hang out around the local area once again. At least by staying on the southern shore and near the western side of the island we aren't getting the rains like they are in the eastern and northern parts of the island. It's been raining there every day, all day! We are told by one and all, this is unusual weather and hasn't been like this in YEARS!

We scheduled a nice snorkel tour that takes us up the Na Pali coast and it departs on Saturday morning. Of course pending the arrival of the tropical storm heading our way and scheduled to arrive over the weekend!!!

After signing up for the tour, we walked around the grounds here, discovered the 'adult' hot tub we heard about when in the hot tub poolside and continued to admire all the beautiful vegetation all around us. Just a gorgeous island.

We did drive over to Po'ipu Beach and Jerry and Steve went out to snorkel in the ocean and Jerry LOVES it, yes, his words! While Linda and I were sitting and watching the fellas, a huge sea turtle came up on shore. The lifeguard immediately came out to secure the area and provide the turtle with lots of uninterrupted space to come up on the beach - he was exhausted! He told us the turtle was close to 100 years old and would live for many more years to come; and some live as long as 200 years. We could readily see the turtle was indeed pooped! And while talking to the lifeguard, he pointed out one of the monk seals that was sleeping out on a sand bar - so we were really getting our sea animal fix today for sure!

The fellas initially signed up to take the free scuba lessons offered in the pool, but after we dropped them off and headed out to go shopping, they found out the class had been rescheduled. Darn! But Linda and I had a fun time shopping and even discovered the Koloa Jodo Mission, a Buddahist temple/mission established in 1910 - it was located in a beautiful setting. Just as we were about to head back to the hotel, I commented to Linda - well, we have gone our first day without a rainbow! Neither one of us could believe it when Linda looked the other way to back up and there it was - certainly one of the prettiest ones we have seen to date - and it was right there in front of us!

We returned to find two disappointed fellas, but they took advantage and went to the adult hot tub and really enjoyed the setting and ambiance. But, we all really enjoyed another wonderful day on the island - tomorrow the east is still getting pummeled and we have yet to decide what to go and see!

Till later,

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