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My khmer hut room

My bike at the zoo


Elephant cracking a coconut


Lion cub hiding in the den


Great Hornbill





Today has been a very exciting day for me. Firstly I've been riding around town on a bright flouro lime bike, which has been lots of fun. Then i went out to a local zoo, Teuk Chhou Wildlife Education Park, that is in desperate need of repair. Fortunately the zoo has turned the corner and the group running the zoo now are trying to fix everything up. The animals look healthy and are being looked after properly, which is good and now they are aiming to develop some better enclosures.

For my small $25 donation, I walked around the zoo with a keeper and fed the animals, including giving a tiger some milk which was very cool. I also got to go inside the Great hornbill cage to throw it some food to catch. I just really enjoyed hanging out with the animals and even made some suggestions to keep then entertained that were well received. Maybe I should become a zookeeper?

As usual the photos tell a thousand words so have a look :-)

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