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We got a minibus to Pai - it started off as a comfortable journey but an hour and a half in, there were 720 turns up and down the mountain started! It was all fine and I was chatting away to Bryan and a guy we had met, Jo in the bus whilst Michelle slept, then I started to feel so queasy! It was like being on tea cup ride - luckily for the others I had to sit in silence for a good half hour before we eventually arrived in Pai. I was warned by several people even if you don't get travel sick you will on this ride and they were right!

Pai is surrounded by mountains and is just beautiful; the town is hippy like with several little shops and nice streets! We decided to stay at Darling Bungalows which is only 300m from the town it is pretty and has a campfire, hammocks and little bungalows dotted around - Bryan, Michelle and I shared a room with a lush balcony and we all had a double bed mattress on the floor! ..

We headed into the town for some food, Bryan had only really just arrived in Thailand so we introduced him to the world of Pad-Thai and I had garlic/pepper chicken yum! We then brought some Samsong and Coke and headed back to the bungalows to sit around the fire!

The hostel is run by a lady who is literally a wombat, it sounds rude but she really is, Pai people have this saying ‘are you ting tong?’ which literally means are you crazy and she definitely was ting tong! She is definitely either on something or she is damaged from drugs she dances all the time and whispers to me about her German husband who she hates! The campfire was really fun and we sang songs like oasis and the killers - we went out for a few drinks in town to a bar called almost famous where I was introduced to 50 baht (£1) Mai Tai cocktails which are so yum! After a few of them and meeting some guys I met in Saigon (Vietnam) James and Gaz, we went to a club ‘Rastabar’ which played psychedelic music we were approx. 5 seconds before deciding to get out of there, it was so so bad! We headed to another locals bar we had been recommended called Bi Bop - it was really good a local band playing English songs although they was really bad as they couldn't pronounce any of the English songs but it was a good laugh and we had a dance with our hostel and the locals.

The following day we went to an outdoor swimming pool called ‘Fluid’, the weather here is so strange it's like 35 degrees in the day and like 3.5 degrees at night so we did some sunbathing and Bryan hired a scooter to take Michelle and I to the natural hot springs, we had to go 2 at a time so Bryan dropped me at Hot Springs Resort first which turned out to be a 5 star hotel and nowhere near the springs but Bryan had already gone to get Michelle. Epic Fail until I found the most amazing swimming pool that over looked the mountains by the time. The others came back it was too late to go to the proper hot springs and I had treated myself to an ice coffee and was happily reading on a sun lounger! .. Unfortunately other than going to the fluid swimming pool the day was a bit wasted but Bryan had fun driving the scooter and I loved the 5 star resort - Bryan dropped Michelle back and a really kind local lady dropped me back to the hostel where we just chilled that evening around the campfire with the usual Samsong! Bryan and I went to get some street food for dinner and we watched Michael Jackson’s final tour before wrapping ourselves in jumpers, sleeping bags and Duvets and heading the bed.

Our last day in Pai was spent seeing the sights having rode a scooter in India I felt confident enough riding one in a Pai a very quiet town with long smooth roads, we managed to get to the hot springs which were almighty hot the locals were even boiling eggs in them! We then went to a Canyon, it was pretty immense I sat on the edge of it with a shear drop all around me looking over the beautiful red mountains was pretty insane but I felt so freeeeeee!

To finish the day we went to a Waterfall, it was really nice but the water was so so cold! I think when you have been to such beautiful lagoon ones in Laos nothing really compares! That night was more drinks and songs around the campfire and then Bryan and I with the rest of the hostel but not Michelle as she was feeling ill went to Rastabar this time it was more normal and we had a few drinks and sat and chat!

We have had a really good time in Pai, I’m so glad I flew here to see it’s just so chilled and a lot of fun as well as beautiful with amazing sunsets! And Darling the owner I’ll miss her too she is great fun!

The following Day Bryan and I drove a scooter back to Chiang Mai, braving the 720 turns but this time I didn't feel sick which was good and it was amazing seeing the view, it was awesome. We stopped for a coffee at a viewpoint and took on the view before continuing the 4 hour journey back to Chaing Mai!

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