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Larry's ready to open his gift this morning!

Onyx, waiting for hers!

A new computer bag for me...

Time for breakfast! Huevos rancheros, yummy :)

I love Christmas!

The guys checking out their new toys....Drills & walkie talkies...

My niece & nephew, cousins that like each other! Cute...

Nephew Kenny's new family pet, Marci....

She's a marsupial, a member of the kangaroo family...She can glide 150...

Hope you all had a wonderful day, we certainly did! Larry & I had a quiet morning together before joining family in the house just in time for breakfast. Homemade huevos rancheros, courtesy of nephew Kenny & brother Larry... yummy! Thanks guys!

Larry is having a field day with his new IPAD, downloading apps, games etc. I may never see his eyes again, lol! He was very involved with it most of the day. Loved his new drill too. Larry gave me a gift card for new boots & a few other goodies as well. And of course my new computer, even though I got it a bit early as I desperately needed it. Dinner was wonderful, all of our favorites on the menu. Followed by Bonnie's famous banana cream pie. So, it is with a full tummy and a happy heart that I now head for bed. Goodnight all!

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