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Hmm somewhere in this fiasco must be divine intervention. On Saturday night I joined a Christmas carol event at one of the Bethlehem checkpoints. It was great fun to sing songs while the IDF soldiers tried to decide how to handle the singing crowd. They waved their rifles and swore at us but that was all they could do. Today the soldiers have placed a menorah right inside the checkpoint

There were a herd of camels -all sizes and shapes - that decided to cross the desert through an Israeli road block the other day. It was hilarious! The soldiers did not know what to do as the camels passed one by one by the rifles and trucks and barricades. They certainly were not in a hurry and neither were the cars waiting to cross. In fact the soldiers got so nervous they decided to take a stick and nudge the camels along. It didn't work. They nudged a baby and the mother camel was not amused. Talk about running for cover!

And now tonight as Christ's birth is upon Bethlehem there are horses and donkeys filling the busy streets. Taking children on their backs to Manger Square. The security is tight because the PNA officials will be here. The Israelis are flying their f16 and drones overhead. So in the midst of such colorful and wonderous chaos. I wish you all a blessed Christmas. Please pray for Palestine.

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