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At a park in Lima

at dinner photo for anniverssary

building 1

indian markets

Italian gift to chile - museum of Italian art

colonial area of

parasailing off the cliffs near Lima

see the cross on the hill in the distance built by franciscian...

beautiful parks

looks like a red bull racing event convoy

coaches ready to go once we dock

our guide

some building still in ruins

We were given a notice that Callao and Lima had experienced a rise in petty crime against tourists and foreigners, to take precautions, etc. Later we heard of a tour bus taken hostage by some local bandits a few weeks earlier. Though from what we saw and experienced Lima and Callao are no more dangerous than any other country we've visited.

Busy day today as the tour was some 5 hours, the last hour getting through the Lima and Callao peak hour traffic.

The guide was very difficult to understand as he had a very strong accent and his grasp of English was not precise. Anyway we saw many buildings of Spanish architectural influence, parks, churches, art galleries, museums, palaces. Some building have been rebuilt a few times due to earthquakes, and there are some buildings still in ruins.

As well we saw a range of living standards. In some streets the coach was barely able to fit and maneuver. Car horns are sounding all the time and I wonder why they bother as no one pays attention, there is no road rage, and everyone gets to where they want to go eventually. In the main streets the police are everywhere and can be seen directing traffic, moving vehicles on and saw one booking a van driver.

Lots of parks that have very green lawns and gardens given Lima has very little rain. The guide said Chile gets most of its moisture from overnight condensation though a bit of hand watering and artificial is reticulation going on.

Even in the busy streets, the locals are very friendly and obliging.

Spent the last hour in one of the Indian markets. Many trinkets, jewelry items, carvings and cloth in the Incan style.

Back on board to relax with the usual quizes, bars and bands, then to dinner where we celebrated our 36th wedding anniverssary with a good group of people. Pam and Harry who we'd met a few times on the cruise were also celebrating their 30th anniverssary at another table.

Last day in Callao tomorrow, then 2 days at sea before Coquimbo, Chille.

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