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Moved to this campground in Brenda AZ when they said rain and cool weather were coming. Sure enough, it rained for 2 days in a row and the weather got chilly! I thought the desert was supposed to be dry and hot! It did dry out and get sunny one day, but the next day was cloudy and with more rain. A neighbor in the campground told Roger he's even seen snow on top of the hills around us one year. I don't need to see that. Baked cookies with Melissa and Savannah yesterday. Roger played soccer with Dallas. Roger is busy making rum balls today. Christmas is a great time for cookies and candies. Hope everyone is done with their Christmas shopping and enjoys the upcoming holiday. Roger and I are spending Christmas Eve and Christmas day with Melissa, her family and Michaela. It will be a great holiday for us! Bridget loves it to - she gets a real back yard to play in when we visit Melissa. Temperatures will be in the 60's - much better than the blizzard they are having back home right now! Merry Christmas, everyone!

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