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Turn Lake Where Arctic Turns Nest

The Residence of Cooper's Landing

Kenai Lake

Another Resident - w/Quils

The Famous Russian River

Russian River Near Ferry Crossing

Gwin's for Dinner

Eric was anxious to get over to the famous salmon fishing rivers, so we were up and on the road this morning. This trip took us back along the Seward Hwy to the intersection with the Sterling Hwy. We take the Sterling to both the Russian River and the Kenai River. Our first stop was Turn Lake at the junction and a chance to get Sam out running. Then we made a pit stop at the Sunrise café in Cooper's Landing, gassed up, got a late breakfast, walked Sam again, and took a look at the goats on the hill across the way. This has always been a favorite watering hole for us...good food.

We past more of the Kenai Lake...it's a long lake that makes a few bends and you end up going past it in a few different places. We arrived at the Russian River just after noon and found a good site not far from the trails down to the river. As soon as we were set up, Eric took off to fish, but I wanted to do a couple things around camp and take life easy for a while.

The weekend had been pretty busy...lol.

Eric came back in a couple hours just as I had gotten my waders out and was getting ready to go down and try to find him. Fishing was slow, so he wanted to wait until later that evening. I think he felt the busy and hurried weekend too - since he took a nap.

Being lazy around the campgrounds is not a bad thing either . . ha ha.

I fixed us some snacks to take with us about 4:00 and we went on down to the ferry site to try the wider area. There were not many people there, and we knew the run of red's was about over, but we had to try. It was almost 8:00 when Eric finally landed one and I was ready to give up. We were tired, my bum foot was bothering me standing in the fast water on hard, uneven rocks, and I was hungry.

Eric was happy to at least get one fish, and told me he would treat me to dinner. We put the fish in the cooler, ran on down the road to Gwin's for ice and a huge dinner. I had forgotten how big the meals are in places like that. Gwin's is another one of our favorite place to eat.

It was a good day, not very sunny, but no rain. We relaxed and had fun fishing, had two good meals out, and a quiet, rustic place to sleep tonight.

Tomorrow we will go on down to the Kenai River since the Russian is not that hot right now.

Take care,


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