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From the whole gang, thanks and bye for now

The pathway to our dream

Moving on, adios

We didn't ever know when this day would come. Remember we were going to stay out a year then sell the big honkin' dually and move to the beach. That was 9 months ago. Today is our 21 month anniversary of full time RV'ing and today we are getting off the road. It took a hurricane named Sandy to end the road life for us. Tomorrow we will move into the apartment we have been working on for Dad in Neptune Beach Florida. We had planned to be out for 2 years then consider stopping but God had other plans for us. We will store our camper here and continue to explore. So this is the last blog. Not sure what I am going to do everyday. Virtually everyday Shirley took pictures and I put the blog together. It has been a labor of love, indeed. So many of you have kept up with our travels and travails. You were with me through 2 kidney stone surgeries, through the joys of our adventures and the tragic circumstances regarding Dad and Herta. While we know and love most of those who have read this blog there are a number of you who we have never met. To each and every one of you THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. It has been your comments and encouragement that has raised our spirits when they needed it. We have done something that most dream of but never accomplish. This has been a FANTASTIC experience and the memories and fabulous people we have met on the way are priceless. For those of you who we stayed with either by camping at your house or staying in your home THANK YOU. As the saying goes, you can pick your nose, you can pick your friends but you cannot pick your family. We have the two best families and we are proud to be VanDuzers and Strachans. To our families THANK YOU for all you have done for us in our lives but specifically on our great adventure. And to all those Churches we visited along the way for helping to ground us we are truly thankful and blessed. This edition would normally include statistics of our trip but due to the last 5 weeks of hurricane relief and 7 consecutive nights at Walmart they would be quite skewed. Here is one that does work. We traveled 46,909 of the most fantastic miles we could have ever imagined with 98 percent of those on the back roads of America the beautiful. If you would like to make a comment please feel free to send an email via the link on the page you are looking at as I will continue to monitor this site. I will be making more use of Facebook to detail any events that may be of interest. Please friend me, if not already. I am Bob Strachan Jr. on FB. I'm the one with out a dry eye at the moment. One last time....enjoy the pics.

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