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If you’ve never seen the Jim Carey movie see it. This is NOT the Jim Carey you may not like. Anyway, I feel a little like the character whose life was played out on the screen for everyone to see except him. My Father said today, “Hey is everything alright? I haven’t seen the blog in a couple of days and I want to know what is going on.” Of course as you all know, it is HE “what’s going on”. Dad is with our daughter Collins and husband Scott in Dothan Alabama and will stay thru Friday then drive to Neptune Beach with his GPS assistant to see the spoils of our work. He has had a rough time there with our kids. I have seen pictures of him skeet shooting, heard tales of a party where he was the center of attention and I could go on and on. Grandpa left with literally the clothes on his back and a few other items. We have been getting his apartment ready from scratch. Think about all the things other than clothes that you need to live in your home. We are making a very nice home for Dad 500 feet from the beach. We still need more time but it will be complete when he arrives, then he can move stuff around to suit him. We have always dreamed of living in Neptune Beach and the duplex we bought 13 years ago has become a reality. We love it here and we love Dad. It was not what we expected but when was the last time you told God what YOUR plans were? We were supposed to be on another NOMADS project right now in Alabama but God said, “I am sending you on a different disaster relief project, this one a little closer to home son.” As sad as this situation is, what a blessing for us to have an apartment available just when Dad needed it. This was no happenstance. We really are off the road now although I write this from the Walmart parking lot where we are beginning night three. We found out today that we can keep our camper on our property which actually kills two birds. We can stay at Dad’s while he is there and stay in the apartment when he is travelling which he will be over the coming holidays. We still have a house to sell in Decatur GA and decide what we are going to do with our house at the beach, sell or renovate. All in due time we keep reminding ourselves. We are truly blessed. And we count each of you reading as part of our blessings. Herta is doing fine from all reports in the assisted living home. Dad did such a wonderful job (not his words) loving and taking care of Herta as long as humanly possible. Inhumane circumstances forced this separation that we pray is beneficial for both. Thanks for YOUR continued support, we have had so much from all. Sorry no pics but Neptune Beach is really lit up for Christmas! Will try for tomorrow.

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