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This is where we had to spend the night when we lost...

View out our front door....

Thank you all very much for your comments & thoughts regarding this blog. It's amazing to us how many of you took the time to drop us a note even though you've never met us 'in person'. However, if you feel like Larry & I do about many of you we understand the sentiment. We follow numerous blogs each & every day & learn much about this rv'ing lifestyle in the process. And on the plus side, we enjoy knowing where many of you currently are as we hope to eventually meet for 'a cup of coffee on down the road'. Even though I don't actually drink coffee! Just can't seem to acquire the taste for it. Now tea is another story, love it!

Anyway, we are currently in Mesquite, Nevada. And no, we didn't arrive safely. Our turbo hose blew off the truck again, arghhhhhh, about 30 miles outside of town around 5pm so we were stranded on I-15 for that night. Since then we've discovered numerous other issues with the truck & in fact we took it to St George, Utah to the Ford dealership for another $3,000 or so in repairs. But that's a story for another day.

I just wanted to check in & thank you all for the kind words & sentiments. I'm going to wait a few days as I know Trip Journal offers an annual discount in December. So, we'll go back to Premium with unlimited pics and verbiage at that time. In the meantime, they'll be short & sweet:) I'll try to post a truck update over the weekend. It might be useful information for some of you. In the meantime, have a great night....

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