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Again via Britz relocation RV this time a deluxe Maui model to Adelaide, 4 days, done in 3. After 200 km. clouded up (had been 38C.= 100+F) so heat wasn't too bad. S. Australia is like Big Sky country (MT), including really fine sunsets. Just before sunset Bon was pulled over because the cops were suspicious of her driving and thought she'd been drinking! Ha! Are they ever way off the mark! Come on coppers, get with it and go after real violators of the law - I could name quite a few for ya! But, of course, you're too busy stopping the likes of Bonnie, ha! Talk about 180 off the mark! Seems we've got a lot more to be worried about in the future when cops can't recognize even remotely a law breaker.

Stopped at Cadney but just to park without electric hookup or anything was $7.50 each! Not a very friendly guy either. We drove on 40 km more in the dark, Mari complaining the whole way because she wanted to pay. Of course, she's still working and her budget reflects that. Nice sunset!

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