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Via Emu Run Tours 6am until midnight plus...$215 each! A first for us, first really expensive day tour with 43 others...Indian, Taiwan, Aussie, Canadian but all from the upper levels of travel. The bus picked them up from $120+/night hotels, we and 2 others were the only ones from YHA hostel @ $27pp/night, ha! I think the reason I seem to relate a lot w.r.t. $$ is because it speaks of the class or level of people it refers to - now ourselves included! It also relates often to expectations and desires of the people i.e. at the sunset viewing area of Uluru our group was the only one with chairs and a complete meal setup including wine and champagne. There were perhaps 8-10 other groups (3-400 people all together) but most were there just standing around drinking their 'whatever'. Our guides were a couple of jokesters, always bantering on about some aspect of Uluru or the area (nature, people, etc.) with much humor thrown in. A very relaxed, laid back approach to guiding, even to the extent of "If you kids (there were 2 families with youngsters) don't behave, I might have to kill ya'!" kind of remarks...not what you'd hear in the States I'm sure, but got a laugh here. And at the end dropping off at the hotels, "Okay, you pesky ones in the back, off the bus. And don't leave any husbands or wives behind unless they're going to wash the bus off back at the park!"

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