2012 Expedition South travel blog

Our Villa at Siesta Key

Our Villa at Siesta Key

Wonderful S. K. Sunset

Beach Beauty

Beached Broads


Dacquiri Deck at Siesta Key Village

Nothing but Trouble!!!!

Beauty of a Sunset

Sunset at our Villa

Sunset at our Villa


Fabulous Dinner

I love to torment Susie!

Rainbow Gazebo

Legs for Days


Fire! Fire in the hole!

Retrofit bbq from circa 1980

Miss Siesta Key



Ed Grimmly

Full on Ed

Hello folks,

This is the last segment of the trilogy X 10 of the Lonely Planet Wannabees and what a segment it will be!!!!!!

Pictures will be included and keep your eye out for Ed Grimley!(See Saturday Night Live -Martin Short). Wait Gail has to go pee again! Anywho we have debated and debated about when we could send you this short missive and unfortunatley we waited till we were all debilitated and pinned to the gills!! So.......sorry went to sleep just then!!!

We are back! Had a fab two days at the beach...and wonderful home cooked bbqed dinners! The company was exemplary and Gail was ok too! I think Susie started pinning herself about 1:00 PM but held on for the two fisted wine and beer dinner but was followed all day by Moe and Gail and we were committed to an insane asylum....no.....to writing this little novel!

It's been a wonderful holiday and everyone is sad at leave taking..however everything must come to an end and we will surely do this all again one day! See you during the holidays except for Susie who will still be at the beach!!! SUCKERS!

Enjoy some pics and see you soon!

Wheeeeeeee! We love you all!

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