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Map of Myanmar and location of jade mines in north!


1) People are very genuine and polite and honest still.

2) Food is relatively cheap.

3) Countryside is scenic and for the most part unspoiled.

4) Most places have someone who understands English.

5) No smoking in most public places, although most Burmese men smoke and chew lots of 'betel nut' leaves which make sidewalks, etc. a gross red.


1) Poor value for the US $$$.

2) Old vehicles pump out black, choking exhaust.

3) Two tier pricing is discouraging.

4) Transport is poorly connected.

5) No ATMs - must carry US dollars and exchange them at lousy rates.

6) Must have a guide for most travel destinations & treks.

7) No land border entry/exit points!

8) Jade mines in N. are destroying lives and jungle with little benefit for the country...most of the benefits go to China!!

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