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Waking up in the Pyrenees...

The view at breakfast

Kate talks to the horse

Our beach in Biarritz

The beach at Hossegar

We knew this was going to be quite a weekend and we were not at all disappointed. On Friday we left Albi and took the train to Pau thru Toulouse. Toulouse was unexciting. The second leg of the trip west from Toulouse was gorgeous, just skirting the Pyrenees. The town of Lourdes was particularly beautiful, with old cathedrals nestled in tight valleys. At the Pau train station we were joined by Tamara, her friend Oliver (who Raime was in France with in 1996 on a school trip and hadn't seen or heard of since!!), and his friends Marie and Vanessa. We stayed at Vanessa's uncle's beautiful old farmhouse deep in the hills. We had authentic crepes at a small country cafe that stays open to the wee hours on Friday night - the crepes were ten times better than anything we had found on the street. On Saturday morning we woke up and looked outside to see Vanessa on her mobile petting a wild horse, with nothing but green hills behind her. Quite a visual! We went to the crowded but pleasant beach town of Biarritz and enjoyed the sun and surf. Vanessa's friend Caroline joined us, and took us into Spain to San Sebastian for the tapas bars. They were quite a scene. Apparently you order a drink, and either its all you can eat, or you bargain with them about how much your tab should be at the end - we got different reports from everyone. We never really found out because our hosts kept treating us. We then drove back to Caroline's beautiful beach house in the town of Hossegar just north of Biarritz, which is the most popular surf spot in all of France. Raime, Oliver, Vanessa, and Caroline hit the discos until 5 am. Sunday morning Caroline's lovely parents woke up to a house full of foreign kids and fed us a wonderful breakfast. We strolled to the beach which proved to be the nicest water any of us could remember being in. The sand was soft, there was not a cloud in the sky, the ocean was clear, and the surf was rolling in. There was no doubt that going to Italy via the Atlantic was a good choice. We were told that we would not see another beach like that in Europe. Then we took a 14 hour train ride here to Nice. Hmmmm, not as much fun as the beach... We were treated to the sounds of three loud Spaniards who talked and laughed for seven hours. One of them had a mobile with a squealing pig for a ring!!! So far Nice and our hostel are unimpressive, but we know we are exhausted and we haven't seen anything yet. We're headed to the Matisse museum and the old part of the city this afternoon - another sunny hot one. Love to all, xoxo

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