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Paradise is at the end of a Rainbow.

This is Paradise! "Offer's Acres" Nanny & Poppy's Place.

It's that time of the year again "The Frost is on the...

The Green Giant is getting restless for the pull!

The sun rises over Harding's Creek.


And now the sun is setting on our Summer at "Offer's Acres"

And HeyU say's lets get the hell out of here and return...

Hi Y'all!!

Well we find it is time to say goodbye to all our friends and surroundings here on PEI and head for Mission, Texas.

HeyU has told us that he's ready to get out of these frost filled mornings. He has even a time or two refused to go outside for his usual constitutional.

Since we last communicated a lot of water has flowed out of the Sou'West River and a whole summer has quickly gone by.

My old company, Vector Engine Services Atlantic, welcomed me back again for another summer of Bearing Inspection. I really enjoy getting back with my fellow employees and of course I also enjoy the contract fees which allow us to winter where we do. I worked all summer until Oct. 15th when I decided we needed a month to get ready for the trip. The amount of windy and miserably wet days since proved me right. The trailer is not all packed yet! But will be before we leave this Tuesday coming (13th of November)

Our summer here was extremely dry and the fall developed into a wet, cold , miserable one. We were extremely lucky when hurricane Sandy decided to hit landfall and deposit all it's misery on New York and New Jersey then continue up towards Ontario and Quebec. Mind you we got some rotten weather but wind and rain is something we are used too.

This Sunday (tomorrow, at time of writing) we shall make a trip to Moncton to visit our family Jay, Cathy, Jocelyn and Alycia who are living over there in New Brunswick. That way we can spend the whole day with them instead of quickly waving to them as we pass their beautiful city on Tuesday and gives us the whole day to get to Bangor where we shall pull up for the night at the Walmart parking lot. There are no campgrounds open in November. The following day we shall motor to Concord, New Hampshire to visit our cousins John and Rosemary. We overnight in their backyard then leave early for a full day of driving to get to the first Campground in Pine Grove, PA.

Our friends and next door neighbors Mike and DawnAnne will be leaving for Florida the day after we leave and perhaps we will meet on Thursday evening at Pine Grove as they travel South.

We intend to arrive at the Sea Breeze RV Park in Portland, Texas (just outside Corpus Christi) on Wednesday the 21st just in time to enjoy US Thanksgiving with our great friends Susan & Michelle and Bill & Paulette. We'll be spending a week with them and Pat & Barry and then heading for Bentsen TV Resort, Mission, Texas for the winter.

We'll try to let you in on our progress, but it depends on our ability to get internet connections. The first couple of days are the hardest.

I did a lot of soul searching as to continue this Travel Log this year, but so many of you have insisted over the summer that I will attempt to take y'all along our fabulous "Torita's Travels" another year. I promise that I will not completely fill the pages with our eating out habits, but rest assured we shall do that as much as we can.

Love from Rita & I

and of course HeyU who is sound asleep and loudly snoring on top of the filing cabinet directly over my right shoulder.

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