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Beautiful scenery

Sunset in Wells, Nevada

Randy & I went into the casino for breakfast and both had eggs benny. It was really good. We had a nice morning, taking our time showering etc. I really feel like we're on vacation. The hills here in Pendleton are a golden colour and are stunning to see. Katie loved it so much in Pendleton that she didn't even want to come into the trailer. When we left the casino it was 9am.

We started our drive with the climb up the large hill on Hwy 84 following it into Idaho to Twin Falls. Then we turned south on Hwy 93 and drove through Jackpot in Nevada all the way to Wells.

We had left the casino at 9am and at 9:18 when I was looking down, all of a sudden there was a huge bang on the windshield in front of me and when I looked up, the radio antenna was going 'boing'. Scared the heck out of me. Randy said it was a huge brown speckled hawk that flew right into us. We don't know what happened to it, but it hit with it's feet and belly, so we hope it just glided off the truck and is OK.

We arrived at Wells, Nevada at 5pm after 8 hours and 723K of travel. We stopped quite often today along the way. When we got to Wells, we had a hard time finding the rv park that we had stayed at in the spring. Then when we found it, it was closed for the season. So we drove to the other rv park called Angel Lake RV. It is just beside the highway and we felt the trailer move a few times. At first I thought I was sick or something, but it must have been the heavy trucks on the highway. Once we went to bed, we didn't feel any movement at all.

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