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Down the Ramp Night in Cairns

Traveller's Oasis - Where Kryss & Tallat Are Booked

Reception @ Traveller's Bon, Mari, & Kryss

Eclipse Prognosis

Bon & Tallat Greet

Tallat's Gift to Tim! Yum!

Gathering to Discuss Eclipse Plans

At JJ's Backpackers...Lots of Camera Action For a Lost Bird

Friends From Las Flores, Sabrina & Silvio Meet Up in Cairns -...

Cairns Waterfront Poolside

Yes, There Was a King

Bon's Intense Search For Travel Solutions - Many Hours Here!

Cairns Famous Flying Foxes

Flying Fox Warning

Nighttime We See the Foxes at Dusk

Tallat & Kryss Planners Extrodinaires

Sabrina Lighting Candles to Celebrate


8pm flight then shuttle to JJ's around midnight....

Wiki Info Cairns

Nice veggie meal on flight. The shuttle which Bon had arranged on line earlier was waiting and took us to JJ's Backpackers. It was 11:30pm when we arrived but Tracy, the gal in charge at JJ's, had written Bon an email telling her exactly how to get in and where to find the key for our room. Great room, just the 3 of us in this dorm.


Mari (and we) met her friend, Carol, from CA who's been on a tour for the past month in the area - Aussie country & Fiji. After concluding our check in details we took the hostel free bus into town where ATM got us more $$$ and Carol & Mari headed to the zoo. I walked in the rain to where I hoped to get my Acer tablet looked at but the place was closed (internet site showed they would be open Saturdays until noon!), bummer.

After our 'free' dinner at The Woolshed we walked over to Travel Oasis where Kryss and Talat are staying and spent a great evening with them and others sharing old and new experiences, getting ready for "The Big Day" on the 14th as well. Talat was in good form serving us tea and treats even though they'd been out on their second 'Day Trip' and she was quite exhausted. They're taking tomorrow off for some R & R.


Tried to connect via Skype with mom but when sister, Nancy, answered she heard only garble although I could hear her perfectly. Sadly, this seems to happen frequently when we try to use the public internet Skype, their equipment is often defective due to rough use. Mari and Carol are off to church then to the botanical gardens or zoo.

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