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On the road again...

Our last canyons... leaving Utah.


This Hotel/Casino on the shores of Lake Mead, was the first to...


crowded skies over Nevada/AZ


The bustling "metropolis" of Golden Valley, Arizona.

Tradewinds RV park, our new home.

...Just kidding! The real Tradewinds RV park.

Our first sunrise over the mountains Saturday morning.



Recreation hall... plenty of ways to pass the time.




A recent sunset following a cold front.

It’s November, and time once again to hit the road to our new “home”. Our overall direction is Texas, but this month we’ll be staying in Golden Valley, AZ. At a place called Tradewinds RV Park. (Chosen for their rate, not the scenery) So far we’ve managed to stay ahead of the cold weather, without running into much hot weather. It’s a weird feeling when you have to stop and ask yourself: “When was the last time we were in uncomfortable, or rainy weather?” Seems like for the last few months it’s been mid-70’s, partly cloudy or sunny, and 40-50 at night… a great forecast as far as we’re concerned.

Our trip here took us out of Utah, through Las Vegas, NV and into Arizona. The landscape was interesting and unique, though mostly desert. I got excited because after the truck service (Changed the oil, and every filter on the engine and transmission), I got an average of 14.5 mpg vs. the 13 mpg I had been getting over the last two months. One thing we thought was neat on the drive over… the sky was so open and clear, you could see the vapor trails of dozens of passenger planes flying in all different directions. Near Vegas, it was evident Hurricane Sandy had the airports playing “catch-up”… they were taking off one after the other, and it resembled a missile attack in slow motion.

Upon entering the small town of Golden Valley, we weren’t sure what to expect of our RV Park, the area isn’t really developed much except for some houses, trailers, and businesses that dot the arid landscape, resembling white confetti that was dropped from a plane over the desert. Fortunately, our little “budget” park in the middle of nowhere turned out to be pretty decent for the $225 monthly rate. The laundry room is modern, the rec’ hall has a pool table, plasma TV, poker table, books, movies, and even air hockey! (Cindy, prepare to meet thy doom!) Best of all, the restroom/showers pass the “barefoot” inspection. (That means, it’s kept clean enough to feel comfortable showering barefoot, without having to dip your feet in bleach afterwards!) AAAAHHHHHHHHH! WHAT’S THAT STUFF IN THE DRAIN…? AND HOW’D THAT HAIR GET THAT FAR UP THE WALL?????

It’s breezy during the day, quiet and cool at night, and there’s nothing obstructing the sunsets and sunrises. This morning I awoke to the sound of a pack of coyotes yelping in unison in the distance. Cindy made me promise to wake her up next time. (Yeah, that’ll go over real well at 6:30am) There aren’t any restaurants or stores within walking distance, but in the end that’s a good thing for our budget, and our diet. We had Chinese food twice last month, and I won’t even get into the number of ice-cream sundaes from Dairy Queen, and Frosties from Wendy’s. (And the fries… oh those golden fries!) Ahem… anyway... the post office is within 4 miles, so we’ll get a nice walk checking the mail.

I can’t say there’ll be any exciting pictures of death-defying hikes this month, or even beautiful Navajo Sandstone cliffs… but maybe I’ll throw in a thrilling shot of my famous behind-the-back “eight-ball-in-the corner-pocket” game winners.

Some added detail on the photo of the hotel on Lake Meade: While in Vegas a few months ago, we saw this hotel while on the ZipLine excursion... from about 40 miles away. The guides told us the casino was built to entertain construction workers building the Hoover Dam, which incidentally, is also how the town of Boulder City got started. Anyhow, the Teamsters union, along with Mormon financiers and the mob ran the business until, to use the guide's words, "people started disappearing". The mob took over, and from this hotel went on to take over others in Vegas. On our way through Boulder City a couple of days ago, we were afforded a surprise close-up, and thought we'd get a better pic.

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