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Bali: Leaving Michael and his wonderful hospitality...taxi to airport was indeed 100,000 r. and there was a departure tax of 150,000!!!


Big time adjustment here...once landed in the airport we attempted to decide on where to go. Bon had checked on-line for possible accommodations and only came up with one, Marracoonda Motel near the airport mainly because they provide to/from shuttle service. A very helpful traffic control fellow outside the terminal called this Motel and we ended up going although it cost us $191 AU (over $200 US) for a 'family' suite. The fellow said our only other option would be a taxi to perhaps cheaper digs in town but taxis are $40 AU +/- each way. Savings in transport alone made Marracoonda attractive. For $66 AU each we anticipated a pretty posh place. Well, it comes close to our Motel 6's in the states but without a complimentary breakfast!

Our first taste of Australia opened our eyes wide to a major budgetary dilemma, this place is EXPENSIVE!


A day in/around Perth. Folks at Marracoonda are real nice in providing transport back to the airport in the a.m. and allowing us to store our bags while we explore for the day. From the airport we took bus #37 downtown - the driver, a real kindly gal, sold us a 'family' transport pass for the day at only $11 AU which allows us to travel by bus, ferry, or train most anywhere. For it to work she couldn't actually sell it until after 9am so we paid just before we got off the bus, ha! Really nice gal and since it's supposed to be for 2 adults and up to 5 kids we ask what might happen should it be questioned. She laughed saying since it had her # on the ticket she might be questioned by her boss and she'd have to lecture him about how they're supposed to encourage tourists, etc.! If we got any static she said, just say it was a new driver and besides we didn't know any better being tourists!

Anyway, the ticket worked as advertized. First visited Kings Park and it's Botanic Gardens with great panoramic views of the city. Then down to The Esplanade (undergoing huge renovations), the Bell Tower, and train to Fremantle. In Fremantle we took the free CAT buses to see the harbor and Great Marine/Shipwreck Museum. Our $3.66 AU investment paid off hugely in getting us wherever we wanted. The only difficulty we encountered came in finding the right bus back to our motel. Finally, after much talking with different bus drivers (I think they only know their own routes) we got help from a couple locals - one a Romanian gal working in hospitality here for the past 2 years, married to an Aussie - #'s 36, 40, 196, 198, or 199 for those interested dropped us just a long block from the motel.

Later in the evening we took the shuttle back to the airport where we spent the night in the Qantas section of the domestic terminal along with 8-10 others sleeping on the floor of the baggage claim area (the rest of the terminal is locked up from 11 til 4am). Total cost for the day, 2 nights, groceries, transportation, and a McD's meal = $92 AUD for me.

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