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Welcome to California

One of three heliostat receiving towers, part of a solar project near...

Lots of sand

Nice rest area at Valley Wells

Joshua trees

Looks like water but it's not

Mojave Desert

Thought it was fog at first

Four solid lanes stopped still

Smoke from the fire that covered 350 acres

The northbound lane was empty

Many, many big trucks

Trailer carrying Alexis Dejoria's race car for Connie Kalitta Racing

East Shore RV Park

Puddingstone Lake

Century Plant

Tree-lined street in Pasadena

Rose Bowl

Pasadena City Hall

One Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena

San Gabriel Mission, 4th of 21 California missions, established 1771

San Gabriel Mission


A-team van!

The new Zappy 3!

Sunset from the coach

Larry took the new scooter to the track but needed air in...


Jack Beckman's car exploding - photo courtesy

Courtney Force

First autograph on the scooter


John Force is the second

Covering the cars to keep the rain off

Todd Lesenko car explosion - photo courtesy

Jeff Arend - he's originally from Toronto and his brother lives in...


Lots of nitro smoke

The new body for Jack Beckman's car

Matt Hagan

Erica Enders

Allen Johnson


Karen Stoffer

Pro Stock at the start

Top Fuel

Nice burnout

Turns out there was snow in those black clouds!

Jack Beckman

Alice Bode - she runs down the track when the car is...

Putting the car away

Erica again

Ron Capps

New tires

Mike Neff

Todd Lesenko's car...

...exploding again!

The body blew clean off!

The wheels and engine

The Goodyear guys putting more air in Larry's tires

Lots of snow from those clouds yesterday

Packing a chute

Tony Pedregon

Robert Hight

Alice again

Eddie Krawiec and Allen Johnson winners of Wally's in their categories


Altered racing vehicle

Jack won the championship

Another Altered vehicle

Pro Stock

Funny Car

Top Fuel flames

The end!

At the Camp Pendleton Rest Area

The Pacific

All their worldly possessions



Coming into San Diego

Mission Bay RV Resort

Star of India in San Diego Harbour


Building yachts

The dome on the Children's Library

Petco Park where the Padres play baseball

Rail and trolley station


Historic Gaslamp District



Barn in Old Town








Cemetery in Old Town






Some of the original gravesites are under the road and sidewalks

Mexican restaurant

View from Fiesta Island - a peninsula in Mission Bay where a...

White Heron

We set out at 9:30 for Pomona. It was a nice warm day. We stopped for lunch at a truck stop in Barstow. Part way down the road the GPS said there were some traffic irregularities ahead. We saw a big bank of what we initially thought was fog. Then the traffic came to a standstill. We crawled along for about 2 miles then came to a complete stop. The smoke was quite heavy and billowing to start with but you could tell they were getting a handle on it. Four hours later, about 5:00 we started to move. We were only about 40 miles from our destination at this point. Of course clearing those four solid lanes of traffic was a big feat. Then the lanes narrowed down to two and before we hit the outskirts of Rancho Cuchamunga you could see where they were mopping up. It covered 350 acres, starting about 11 am, fanned by wind. We finally got to our site at East Shore RV Park about 6:30 - in the dark. The office was still open so we were able to check in.

The weather is very warm - in the 80s! This RV park is so beautiful. Tuesday we took a drive looking for a new scooter for Larry. We went to Pasadena which has some lovely old homes and tree-lined streets. It turns out the address we were looking for is just a mailing address. So we decided to go to Camping World and we took "highways" off the GPS so we would be off the freeways which are incredibly busy all day. It took forever but we saw some interesting areas including the San Gabriel Mission which was founded in 1771. We got back to the park at almost 3:00, with no scooter. We will check out reviews for the one they have at Camping World, which is on sale for $200 off!

On Wednesday we drove back to Camping World to get a scooter. The reviews turned out to be very good. Thursday we took it to the track and it really flies. When we first got there we noticed that one of the rear tires looked a little flat (actually someone pointed it out to us) so Larry took a little detour over to where the AAA tow trucks were parked and he was able to get it filled. They got quite a kick out of that! Unfortunately the weather was not perfect and about 3:00 it rained enough that they called it for the day.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were good days at the track. Larry's tires on his scooter still didn't seem to be full so he stopped at the Goodyear Racing Tire Trailer and they put air in all tires and now it is good. Most days we go to the track after lunch because the quality of the food is not great and it’s very expensive. Saturday Larry really wanted a foot long hot dog. We found a booth that said they had one and it was $8.79. It was a foot long all right but the bun was only six inches long! They broke the hot dog in half and plunked it on the bun. It was a big fat hot dog and it was gross. Half of it went in the garbage. Maureen had a grilled cheese – with turkey, Swiss, red onion and tomato. That was pretty good.

We left Monday for San Diego. We couldn’t get into Palm Springs until the 15th so we had to go somewhere! We opted for Mission Bay RV Park where we have stayed before. Sure, it is only pavement but there is no dirt, no bugs and because it is part of Passport America it is only $25 per night. It has a great walk nearby in Mission Bay Park. Mission Bay is the largest man-made aquatic park in the US. Monday night we decided we wanted sushi for dinner. Where to go? This is where on-line reviews come in handy. There are a lot of sushi restaurants in this area – on Garnet Avenue alone there are about 10. The highest rated one is Sushi Ota. We phoned at 5 pm for a reservation and couldn’t get in until 8:30. We then chose PB Sushi (Pacific Beach). It turned out to be the best sushi we’ve ever had (sorry Kami!). It is apparently owned by Koreans so they add their own twist. Excellent!

Tuesday we checked out the airport and possibilities for parking. We will be coming here in January to fly to Miami for our one week Caribbean cruise. No hotels offer secure parking for a week so we will drive down here the morning of the 19th of January (about 2 ½ hours) and park near the airport. Then we drove around the harbour and through the city. We also checked out Chula Vista RV again and, for the price, we will stay at Mission Bay. Wednesday we went down to the Gaslamp District and found it was nearly 100% restaurants. We then went back to one of our favourite places – Old Town State Park. Because we had the scooter we were able to cover the whole town. We had packed a lunch so we ate it there.

Thursday it was time to head for Palm Springs and our home until the end of March.

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